When inner and outer landscapes blur

Foto: Elisabeth Mevec
Foto: Elisabeth Mevec

Well-known German writer Rainer Würth (*1967) learned and trained his photography skills as a journalist. For local media in the beginning, he took photos to illustrate his stories and articles. Later – as a freelance travel writer – he worked for nationwide newspapers and magazines in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Focused on the writing mainly he continued to shoot and publish photos from his trips all over the world.

After he moved to Flores (Azores) in 2016 his main focus is artistic photography – portraits, body & nude and landscape. In his photos inner and outer landscapes often blur. Rainer Würth is interested in the open, in fragments and abstraction. For him as a photographer it is all about moment, motif and composition – to create an atmosphere or to tell a story. In the process of taking pictures he experiments with apertures and exposures, intentional camera movement (ICM), light and color. And he keeps his photos real. No tricks, filters, apps or intense post production.

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