Literature meets photography

Foto: Elisabeth Mevec
Foto: Elisabeth Mevec

Well-known German writer Rainer Würth (*1967) learned and trained his photography skills as a journalist. For local media in the beginning, he took a lot of shots to illustrate his stories and articles. Later – as a freelance travel writer – he worked for big nationwide newspapers and magazines in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Focused on the writing mainly he also continued to make and to publish photos from his trips all over the world. After moving to Flores in 2016 – the most western island in the Archipel of the Azores – Rainer Würth works more and more in the field of artistic photography – portraits, still-live and landscapes.

„The artistic process of shooting pictures is fundamentally different from writing and it is fascinating to do both“, he quotes. Writing a book means to create characters, literary conflicts, develop plots and settings. To build a fictional world and create a new reality to tell a story. If you make a photo, everything is already there, everything is real. As a photographer I capture a moment, I take a little piece out of the reality – a landscape, a person, moments, an event. Nothing is stable. It is changing steadily. A Constant flow. Shooting a picture is like grabbing some water out of a river and hold it in your hand for a short moment before it flows away and becomes part of the river again. Both literature and photography is about telling a story. But in a different way: As a writer you create a story. As a photographer you find a story.

A small selection of Rainer Würth's work

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Photo Series

Blue Coast (© Rainer Würth 2022)

Move And Blur (© Rainer Würth 2022)

Nymph (© Rainer Würth 2022)

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